Holiday Wish List

Posted on: December 9th, 2014 | No Comments

Every driver wants to win, but during the holiday season what do they put on their wish lists?

David Ostella made a short wish list of his own for the holidays, and for those who know him it isn’t the least bit surprising. Like any other twenty-something clothes and cars topped the list. But anyone who knows Ostella well knows about his big heart and stomach, and wouldn’t be surprised that a special cause also landed on the top of his list.

“This list was a little hard to come up with,” Ostella said. “I think as we get older we become less materialistic. The holidays are less about toys and more about your family and spending time with them. That’s what I enjoy about this time of year, being able to see everyone. However, I did come up with a few things I wouldn’t mind having.”

Ostella’s first wish is inspired by both his love of cooking meals with his family and a program adopted by many schools in Toronto. The program, affectionately called Sandwich Patrol, has students gather together to, “serve the underserved,” by making and distributing sandwiches to the homeless. The 23-year-old, known to be a foodie himself, wishes he could ensure that no one would go hungry this holiday season.

Ostella is also known for his style on and off the track. Up next on his wish list is a three-piece Armani suit. The particular suit on the list was a black suit with red pin stripes. Paired with a black shirt and red tie, the combination would be perfect for the special New Years Eve party his family throws.

The final item on the wish list is, no surprise, a brand new car. An Audi R8 to be exact. The Audi R8, known for being “performance art,” has been a favorite of Ostella’s since the car’s debut in 2006. He’d prefer the convertible style in all white with black leather interior and red stitching. To add a personal touch he says he would have his logo stitched onto the headrests.

A driver can dream, right?