Season Recap Blog 4: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

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Most drivers dream of the day they can share the same track with the most elite racing series in the world, Formula 1. This year David Ostella got a taste of that dream when he took to Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for Grand Prix Du Canada. As one of the supporting series for the circuit’s Formula 1 weekend David shared the same top step of the podium that Formula 1 star Sebastian Vettel would eventually take. The Maple, Ont.-native faced stiff competition from other young guns in the series but fought his way to a third- and first-place finish that hectic weekend

1.) The Ultra 94 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada by Michelin was one of the supporting series for F1 at the Grand Prix Du Canada. What was it like to be part of that atmosphere?

David: “It was incredible to be a part of such an event where we supported the pinnacle of racing. The best part about the race other than the track would have to be the fans, because even though they are there for F1 we still had them in their seats cheering us on.”

2.) This was your second win in the series and third win of the season. Did you feel like you were hitting a stride?

David: “I felt as though I was starting to get into a nice groove, but I was always focusing on the championship, that was the main thing so I didn’t let the comfort go to my head. I made sure I was focused and determined at every race.”

3.) You faced stiff competition this race from Spencer Pigot and Chris Green – how do you keep the drama off track and focus on track?

David: “Off the track I have known Spencer from my go-karting days, so we are good friends, but on track it’s every man for himself. When I get into the car my mind clears and it’s focused on what I need to do on the track.”

4.) This particular race weekend saw a few wrecks, what is your instinct reaction when you have to avoid incidents?

David: “My reaction to a crash is to get around it with little to no damage taken and then continue on with what I need to do no matter how bad it is. It’s not good to see someone get hurt but it’s what we signed up for when we put the helmet on. You just have to ignore it and keep going.”

5.) Race two, thanks to convenient time reshuffling, was won in front of a large F1 crowd. Did going through a similar podium to F1 give more life to your racing dreams?

David: “In 2008 I stood on that exact same podium in third place, and to stand on it again this year in first made it feel that much better. I couldn’t have raised the trophy to a better crowd.”

6.) Being that this circuit was built for F1 did it seem any more difficult or “world class?”

David: “It definitely is way different than any other track I have been on, and has that world class feel to it. From the pit lane, curbs, to the run offs, all of these things are totally different than any other track I have been to, and with it being for the top of racing I wouldn’t expect any less.”

7.) Do you appreciate racing in Canada for it’s proximity to home?

David: “I do appreciate racing close to home just because I like to have my family come out and support me. I had friends and family at Montreal for support and although they were really there for F1, it was good to have them as support.”