The Trials of Porsche Boot Camp

Posted on: January 6th, 2014 | No Comments

Porsche ended 2013 by honoring all of their champions from each series around the globe in Weissach, Germany, including David Ostella. While abroad, the Canadian was also offered the chance to go through Porsche’s physical checkup, a fitness test each factory driver endures. The boot-camp-style physical was a challenge for the 22-year-old, but one that possibly led to a few New Year’s resolutions.

1. You already workout quite a bit, but were you nervous at all going into the boot camp?

David: “I was nervous for sure going into the boot camp but mainly it was just nerves because I didn’t know what to expect.”

2. Did you know about all the different challenges they had waiting for you?

David: “I had some idea of what was going to happen just from talking to some of the guys I was there with but I didn’t know what the intensity would be. Which was partly where my nerves came from.”

3. What was the hardest thing you had to do or struggled most with?

David: “I struggled with the running just due to the fact I have a bad knee right now, I’m not even sure what I did to it, but I didn’t do too bad.”

4. After completing the boot camp what will you change about your workout routine?

David: “I will be doing a lot more running that’s for sure, but also more stability training for my knee. After the tests I decided that running would be the most beneficial to me and improve my performance the most.”

5. Learn any new health tips while you were there?

David: “I learned about my endurance training level and what my heart rate needs to be at to improve my endurance and also my recovery time. Learning about those things will be important for the endurance races. When I’m not in the car I can recover and be prepared for the long stints in the car, which will help me be able to perform at 100 percent all the time.”

6. What workout activities results transfer best to on-track results? Which workout prepares you best for being in the car?

David: “I would say the running for the endurance and also some of the strength training like trunk rotations which helps the back. It is important to strengthen your core because it is the main part of your body that stabilizes you through the G-force. A good example is Sebring with all those long duration corners and the bumps; it takes all of your strength the whole time.”

7. Prior to the camp you also attended the Night of Champions. What was the best part about being honored?

David: “The best part about the banquet was getting a trophy that was the same as everyone else to show how everyone is on equal terms and is just as important as the other champions.”

8. Not every champion gets a new Porsche to drive for the year; did you make any other champions a little jealous?

David: “Yes, I think a few were a little jealous once hearing that I got a car from them. I did not brag too much, I’m not one to do that, so if I was asked I talked about it but considering they were factory drivers there I’m sure they had their own.”

9. Was coming home to your Porsche after completing the Porsche boot camp like winning the car all over again?

David: “Not really. I would have loved to jump right into it but unfortunately the weather wouldn’t allow me to drive. But instead of driving I was able to ice skate on the road in front of my house around the car.”